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Our Property

Hi there and welcome to Homathko River Inn and Circle X Ranch.


Circle X Ranch was established in 1918 by KB Moore, and KB was one of the first pioneers to settle in the Tatlayoko valley, and call the valley home. Even though the original ranch is now owned by NCC of Canada. The Circle X Brand is one of the oldest registered brands of the valley. And very proud to say that after 4 generations the brand is still used to this day to help identify the livestock on this ranch. 


I've spent over 26 years in the tourism buisness, and just love it. I find it quite rewarding, to share my stories, experiences and passion with people that have always wanted to ride or work with horses or enjoy the simpler life of working on a ranch. I had people ask me 'If i would ever change my profession.  I just smile and say "Never". Every day there is always something new that needs to be done, whether it's gardening, or animal husbandry, fixing fence, driving a tractor haying, or just lazying around listen to the river flowing by.

There are hardships with the weather not co-operating. The locals laugh and say "If you don't like the weather, give it 15 minutes it'll change".


The ranch and Homathko Inn is located on 167 acres, with Homathko river winding a 2 mile course through it. Its banks offer a wonderful place for water foul and small animals to play. The Inn offers a  pond,  with a bench that over looks the meadow, a spot GREAT FOR BIRD WATCHERS!!! We have witnessed an assortment of birds feeding off the saskatoon bushes and bird feaders that grace our deck. Check out our photo gallery of the birds that have visited our feaders.  We have Dolly Varden, Bull and Rainbow trout swimming in the river. You may just catch one for your supper.


I invite you to take a book and enjoy sitting, on one of our many benches that grace the rivers edge. You might hear the song of a Western Tanager  or a Swanson Thrush as it feeds off the Saskatoon berries. Be mesmerised by the beauty of Niut and Potato Mountain, as they surround you. 


Walk out to the pastures and visit with the horses or stroll through the flower gardens. Gather the chicken eggs that grace the breakfast table every morning, or watch a horse being trained in the arena. We'd be happy to pack a picnic lunch, so you can walk or bike to beautiful Tatlayoko Lake and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Tatlayoko Lake is world renowned for its wind surfing. Or enjoy a day at a secluded beach on Eagle Lake.

We have many hiking trails as well. One will lead you to an "Old Gold Mine" that overlooks the valley below.


In the evening, after a delicious dinner in the Wagon Wheel Dining Room, take in the story telling and roasting of marshmallows around the camp fire. We'd love to hear about your own fond memories of growing up,  and exciting adventures you had in your life. After star gazing you'll call it a day;  just to start it all over again when the sun comes up and the rooster crows.


Can you think of anything better to do with your time? I know, I sure can't.

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