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A Day on the Ranch 

 Art & Jewelery  workshop

The studio offers a large variety of semi- percious stones, crystals and beads to choose from. Come on in and design a master piece. To explain how some of the workshop works:


I choose a subject. Then we take the day bringing it to life. It might be a day at the beach, or an animal on the farm, flowers growing in the garden. Medium; is your choice.


With all the senery around, you'll never have a difficult time choosing a subject to transform onto your canvas. The medium I like to work with is acylic. You are welcome to use my materials.

This package is:

           What ever is happening on the ranch.

Whether its chasing cows, working with the farm animals, haying the fields, fixing fences, clearing trails. Basically, spending the day breathing in the fresh mountain air.


     Come on! and let the Cowboy or Cowgirl come alive.

 Calling all horse enthusiast:  Ask about our new Horse Back Adventure:   "Valley floor to Mountain top".  We have put together a wonderful package offering it all: From river crossings along the Valley floor of Tatlayoko; to riding in the Alpine meadows of Potato Mountain.  from camping under the stars one night, to staying in an alpine cabin the next. 

    ~ Your first night is at the Inn/ranch. Our orientation; With introducing your self to your horse, meeting other guest and allowing you to prepare, and relax before starting your adventure. The next day your adventure will begin: You and fellow guest will be guided along beautiful Tatlayoko Lake where we will spend our first night along the lake shore. The next morning we will be greeted by a 25'/70' foot barge, ( weather permitting) this will be taking us; horses and all, across the lake. Once on the other side, we then ride about three - four hours up to a neighboring lodge to spend the night.  We will continue the next day into the alpine meadows of Potato Mountain, were we will  stay 2 nights at a secluded cabin on Echo Lake.  Where we'll take in the spectacular views of Chilko Lake. The next day ride the rim of Potato Mountain enjoying Tatlayoko Lake and Fossil Beds. 

After a hearty breakfast, we will  then pack up the horses to continue on with our adventure. Spend our last night at Bear Lake. The next day we drop back down onto the Valley floor to return back to the Inn/ Ranch. The magnificent Coastal Mountains, and Tatlayoko Lake will be our back drop. That evening relax with a hot shower. Re-tell our adventures, and enjoying a delicious meal.  

** Please Note  Do to weather or an executive decision: your trip may have to be altered a bit. 

   *The cost of this all- inclusive adventure is $1855.00 per person which includes your meals- your guide - horses- raft ( weather permitting) and accommodations. * Please note `what to bring on our mountain adventure is located on the Contact sheet .

 Envision your self:

 Camping on the shores of a secluded beach. Relaxing, swimming, boating, fishing, barbequing, star gazing. Listen to the call of the loons as they swim by. Watch the resident Eagle catching its dinner. Take a hike to Beaver cove. Feel your self relax as you stare into the crackling campfire.

            ~`The cost for staying at The Lake House, whether it be with a group, or a couple. $ 100.00 a night. 


If your longing for that right place, off the grid.The Lake House is the place. It is run on solar, it has running water and flushed tiolet , is two kilometers from your nearest neighbour.  A great place to finish a manuscript, find the words to a song or just to reconnect with yourself. 'The Lake House' is a very special place.

"Valley floor to Mountain top"
6 night / 7 day horse back adventure
  Days on the Beach
  A great place for reunions, retreats, honeymooners  or  just spending time by your self.

                                              Our Workshops & Packages

                                      Please call for prices and avaliablity 

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